Meet the Team

K I M   W I T C H E R 


Kim is passionately in love with Jesus, Father God, Holy Spirit and all of God's family.  Jimmy is her stone fox husband, whom she has been married to for 27 years ...happily married for the last 22! 
 Knox (21), Jas (19) & Blaze (17) are her babes who endearingly call her, “Mama.” 

She has the pleasure of serving as the Women's Pastor at Trinity Fellowship Church. She is an impassioned freedom fighter who loves to remind women to live like a hero and love like a hero.

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M O L L Y   A N D E R S O N

She is fascinated by seeing the church creatively connect with pre-Christians, getting to introduce them to Jesus and watching them fall head over heels in love with Him.She  sings the songs she writes with a powerhouse conviction, which serves her well as the Pastor of Worship at Trinity Fellowship.

Being outside on the tree swing with oldest daughter or soaking up time with her newest little girl is where you'll find her on sunny afternoons. She sews fancy dresses and  aspires to one day be a master gardener, but for now, she's busy soaking up hilarious life moments with her main man, Jordan.

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K A T I E   C L A R K

Katie's deepest desire is for everyone, lost or found, struggling or thriving, to experience and rest in the goodness of God. She loves to be thrifty, crafty, and is outdoorsy [in theory]. She finds comfort in simplicity and a solid-colored Gap-Tee.

Katie is the wife of the ever manly and amazing Paul Clark and the mother of the sweet and always charismatic Everett, Meggie and new addition Noah. She currently spends her time adventuring through life with her family.

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B R E E   P R O F F I T T

Bree’s fire stays ignited through remembering that everyone needs the love of Jesus, but not everyone knows it yet. She giggles at the drop of a hat, is an HGTV/dessert/shopping junkie, loves not camping, and prefers that everything be “an experience."

Bree is wife to her mainsqueeze Daniel and mom to Cohen and Thatcher (aka, minisqueeze and microsqueeze). As for Trinity Fellowship Church, she serves as Executive Pastor of Communication.

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B E T H   T A L L E Y

Beth is captivated by the church in action and authentic relationship. She has a thing for turning one man's junk into her own treasure and any redemptive process of the like. She believes an open conversation over a cup of coffee can save the world, barring said coffee is bottomless. 

Beth is wife to Bobtalley in all his bearded glory and mom to Charlie and Callan. She splits her time between home and serving as the  ministry coordinator to North at Trinity Fellowship Hollywood campus. 

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