Pinterest-Perfect Pressure

I had caught it. The perfect moment between brothers captured on a smart screen. Perfect simultaneous smiles (which is a miracle in itself). Perfect brotherly peace. Perfect giggles. Perfect boyish wild-at-heart-ness. It felt like a victory Jordan-altar-stone after 6 months of wandering the wilderness of no sleep, sibling jealousy, and more sibling jealousy. I thought, "This moment has to be celebrated and documented. This.... is going on the instagrams."

Thirty seconds later, as I added my valencia filter and basked in the promise land glory of that moment, I look up to see Charlie man shout, "Callan, catch!" to which he chunks the remote at Callan's skull, ensuing major waterworks from both parties. Perfect moment over.

Immediately, Holy Spirit reminded me that there's always so much more going on behind the pictures we see on a screen, both perfect and sub-perfect. There's more love and joy that could possibly be explained, but there's also deep depths of pain and loneliness unseen.

Even on other forms of social media, there's always more behind the picture. Take Pinterest. We all "know" life's not a perfect Pinterest picture, but somewhere in between, there's a breakdown. I see the perfectly clean, perfectly decorated house. The perfect meal. The perfect outfit. The perfect children with their perfect organic snack next to the perfect learning opportunity captured on their perfect mom's perfect camera. Ha! If I'm not careful, it can pressure cook me straight to a dark place. A place that tells me "Yes, you absolutely need that," or "Of course, you can DIY that new subway tiled bathroom with zero point zero experience." And then it's a domino affect to a comparison trap where nothing I have is good enough and everything "SHE" has is perfect and better. Suddenly, I let my life be defined by an image on a screen. 

Honestly, I don't think there's inherently anything wrong with the so-called perfection. Those instagram and pinterest pictures are pretty---and I like pretty! We all have mad skills, both on and off the screen.  But just because it's pretty, does not mean it's perfect. And even if it was perfect, it is absolutely no reflection on you, your value and significance. 

Our little online community, is here to enrich, encourage, and empower you, however and wherever you are, pretty or not-so-pretty, with no Pinterest-perfect pressure.  I invite you to commit to contribute, online and off, with a confident transparency that gives honor and glory to our Incredible Creator who delights in diversity. 

When we see each other's posts in whatever state, remember, there's more. I hope to be a woman who says, "I will celebrate your victory and mourn your loss, but I will not succomb to the illusion that the entirety of our created being is summed up in a single collection of pixels." We are so much more, my friends. It's a disservice to ourselves, to our sisters in Christ, and to our Creator. Instead of comparing, let's be women who look to see the more in each other. More of who we really are and the unique color we bring to our world. More of what's really happening. More of, how can I give more? More of all God has called us to be. We are more because our Great God is the Most. 

I pray that in whatever is going on behind your pictures today, you know that you are more to the One who knows you by name and calls you good. And very soon, He will make everything good behind your picture.

I'll leave you with a favorite song of mine. It's short, but listen to the very end for a phrase Steffany whispers.

[Deep sigh.] "The pressure's off."

Who in your life calls you to more? What kind of action does this spark in you?