Life Harmony

Work-life balance.  Ah…to dream the impossible dream.

For me, trying to balance every area of my life would not only be exhausting, it would seriously be kind of boring. When you picture moving things back and forth trying to get the scales to balance, trying to give everything equal time and focus…there’s a recipe for overwhelm and self-condemnation.

Rather than striving for work-life balance, I like the idea of work-life HARMONY. Just like in music, many voices can be singing at once, or multiple instruments can be playing at once, but ONE usually plays or sings the melody.  What a sense of freedom this gives me! The thought of harmony instead of rigid balance gives me permission to do one thing well, and allows others to sing or play in harmony until it’s time for their solo part.

Caring for a sick child consumes your day. That child has the melody today.

An important volunteer project means my family won’t have a home-cooked meal for a couple of days. It’s OK, I will allow that project to carry the melody for a while.

A work trip means you’ll miss your kid’s game. Work takes the melody, but you can give an extra solo to your budding athlete when you get back.

On any given day, I might be a stellar wife, Martha Stewart, Carly Fiorina, or Supernanny, but I would easily be crushed under the weight of trying to be all of them all of the time. But hey, beautiful music isn’t made by all instruments blaring at 100% capacity all the time, now is it?

With God as Maestro, let the music play in your heart. Hear the tempos, the rhythms, the rests, the soft and loud places.  The playlist to my day may run the gamut from The Flight of the Bumblebee to Shake It Off to Amazing Grace to the Alphabet Song. And I can look at unfinished melodies with a smile and say, “Your solo is coming up.” 

Thank you for the freedom of harmony, Maestro. I’m listening.


Coco, owner of Encourage Consulting, provides business encouragement through executive coaching, seminars and keynote speaking. Coco is the chair of the WTAMU Enterprise Center advisory board, president of The 100 Club of the Texas Panhandle, and recent recipient of the Women in Leadership Award from Amarillo Business Women. She and her husband, Rod, a partner in DFB Insurance Group, have two grown sons with wonderful spouses, and four grandsons. Find Coco on Facebook or email her at

Propel Evenings

Coco is also on the TFC Propel Leadership Team. We will have our second Propel evening this Monday, October 12 at 7:00 pm in the Student Ministry Center auditorium. Click on the Propel curriculum image for more information. Hope to see you and your friends this Monday!