Sisters with a Voice

I am the oldest of 3 girls in my family. I am so grateful for my two sisters, Vikki & Sheree'! It is through relationship with them that I have learned the value of true sisterhood! My sisters are my dearest and most loyal friends. We can count on each other to be cheerleaders, prayer warriors, and trustworthy confidants. Together, we are extra loud, and funny things are always 10x funnier, so the decibel level can reach dangerous heights--not that we notice or think to care!  ;) When I think of sisterhood, I think of how much I am endeared to my precious sisters, and how grateful I am that in God's sovereign wisdom, we get to have more sisters in the family of God. I love it!! My desire is for this blog to serve as a venue for women to encourage, enrich and empower each other as sisters would. Bring your passions, Leave your agendas. Open the treasuries of your heart.

"A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart." Luke 6:45 NLT
Beth Talley, Kim Witcher & Colette White

Beth Talley, Kim Witcher & Colette White

I love the heart treasuries of my sisters, Beth Talley and Colette White. I have known these amazing women for several years. We've served, ministered, prayed, taught and led together in several areas for a long time. We've shared a few meals and had coffee on numerous occasions. Although I am familiar with these dear friends, I saw a new facet emerge when I read their first blogs. Their words were valuable pearls from deep oceans of their hearts. I loved reading their words. They were not parroted words. The penned words were custom expressions from their very own hearts. I felt I was hearing unlocked words that were bursting for the opportunity to be articulated. More of these words need to be written. More of these words need to be read. These words will nourish other words that have yet to be uttered. This blog is about the beautiful emergence of many amazing women sharing from the rich treasuries of their hearts. You are included.

Here is a picture that I saw...

I saw a sketch-like picture of a few birds released from their birdcages. These birds began unlatching other birdcage doors and opening them with their beaks and setting other birds free! The birds would sing, fly, and set more birds free. Together, they would all fly and sing, sing, sing. In response to that sound, fresh, vivid and multi-dimensional color began to explode forth with new vibrancy!


Women's words, our voices, are being released, infusing the atmosphere with songs of melodious words and sounds that energize an abundance of life to grow and thrive! New Life will saturate blank space.

We are sisters.
We are free.
Together, we have a voice...
And that voice may just sound like a roar.