Why this Blog?

I'm a sucker for getting together with other women. Pick it, you name it, I love it - conferences, life group, girl's night out or just a close intimate coffee gathering - I love being in the company of all these amazing different expressions of the Lord's beauty.

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I am intrigued to see who gathers in these groups. What are the characters and personalities that have clustered together around this dinner table? What kind of kindred hearts are reaching out in this living room? How did this seemingly unrelated group of women end up around this boardroom table? And who would have ever thought we would end up being friends?!

I don't believe anything happens by coincidence in His Kingdom. No, the Father is always at work. And He is always at work in us, through us and among us. So I find myself challenged to be on the lookout for that sort of stuff. Why has He connected me with the people He has? Why did He prompt me to show up at this church? And what is it that I have to offer in this place? 

The beauty of all of this, is that we are part of a greater body, the body of Christ , and everyone has a part to play. You have a very specific design and makeup in the body that the Lord has deemed indispensable. Do you  believe it? You see, We Are One - one body - but we are not the same. What are your giftings? What is your personality? What is it about you that will draw others deeper into their walk with the Lord? What is in you that the Lord is offering to those around you as His gift to them? If you don't show up in this place, what will we miss out on? What is your part to play in this community of women here at Trinity Fellowship Church? What is your part in our One-ness?

I have to admit that I may go a little overboard on this sometimes. Recently, I found myself in such a space that felt like a divine setup... the organizational part of me wanted to tabulate all the giftings, personalities, and experiences of those gathered, and run a data set so as to generate the purpose of this little company. The counselor in me wanted to do a qualitative study on the all the personal stories and find the phenomenological link. The challenger in me was ready to stir us up to great heights of love and good works and bring the harvest in 7 days later. But the Holy Spirit said, "Just breathe it in. Enjoy the magnificence of these women. Keep showing up and offering who you are.  See what I will do in My good time."


This online blog is a means to encourage, empower and inspire you along these lines. So please ask yourself, who has the Lord connected me with these days? How am I showing up and offering my unique magnificence?

We Are One.

And each one of you are a critical and indispensable part of that One. We do not have to be the same, look the same or sound the same. We just have to come to the table with open and curious hearts and let Him breathe life and unity on our little company.