Chapter Chicks

Hot tea? Check.
Car-load of my nearest and dearest friends? Check.
Favorite pen and Propel workbook? Check.Check.
Ready to internalize my leadership identity and fulfill my purpose, passion and potential?

Wondering what this is all about and if this is for you? Watch this video from founder, Christine Caine, to hear the heart behind Propel.

You are a Propel woman. Propel is designed for women who lead in all areas of life. Whether you are in the boardroom, classroom, playroom, or anywhere in between, you are designed to lead. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are all called to lead others to Him.

Ready to Join Us?!

Our first Propel Chapter meeting is happening this Monday night, September 28th at 7:00 pm in the Student Ministry Center at the Hollywood Campus. We'll start our conversation series with "Balance: The Myth of Having it All." If you haven't already, you can jump over to (or click the image) to grab your Propel workbook. For more info, videos and a look at our Propel leadership team, check out our Enrich page by clicking here.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for the next 3 sessions you won't want to miss--all at the same time, same place!

October 12

November 9

November 30


Let's go, Propel Woman! We're excited to see you Monday night!