Momma, Why?

Recently my 2 ½ year old son discovered the WORD.  The word most of us mommas have a hard time with.  Not just because of the WORD, but how many times our littles use it.  Do our littles even know the meaning of the word? 

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Won't You Let Me Be Good To You

Like many of you, my life has taken a very different path than I ever envisioned, one marked by sweetness and blessing, as well as pain. Through it all, one thing I have come to know, truly know, is that the Lord is so faithful, and He is extravagantly good. The things He has taught and is still teaching me (because we are a continual work in progress) are precious jewels of wisdom that have come at a high price. My prayer is that the Lord would use my story to minister and encourage those of you who might be going through a difficult circumstance.

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I Care About You, Jesus

Recently while watching the news about a tragedy that had taken place in our country, a young woman was talking about forgiveness in the midst of this storm. A commentator then followed up with his opinion about the subject of forgiveness and God.  Unfortunately, his comments were not encouraging nor did they reflect the gospel of Christ. I found myself standing in front of the TV screen saying, “Jesus, I’m so sorry people say things about you that are not true.” 

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Time to Fly

How do you respond when you start to sense a change in your life? Do you get excited and curious or do you become fearful and hope it goes away? I am on the cusp of something new in my life, and although it’s a little scary I’ve decided to pursue it. I’m excited to see what God has planned for me.

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You're My Favorite Kind of Mommy

Have you ever gone to a grocery store or nursery and spotted a beautiful orchid in a cute little pot and had the thought of I need that in my life? So, you buy it, and take it home and something about bringing it into your home kills it? Every. Single. Time. You look online, and the instructions for caring for these little things are way out of your element. 

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How to Be Okay

A few weeks ago, I was headed towards full on freak-out-mode. That happens to me sometimes and usually I feel it coming on. 90% of the time I end somewhere between the ugly cry and/or wrangling back emotions that I don’t want to feel. But on this day I said to the Lord, “Lord, I am NOT okay!”

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Dear Mom, Mundane is Optional

Remember those nights when you heard your mom laughing after you went to bed? Remember her humming as she did the dishes? Can you remember her singing the oldies in the car? Can you remember the sound of her church shoes? Can you remember her in the visor or scarf as you picked weeds together? Can you remember the look on her face as she read beautiful words? We're like her now. We have emotions wrapped tightly inside, unfolding as we journey together, learning more about each other as we go. 

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These are a Few of our Favorite Things

"One of my favorite things of We Are One is experiencing the unity, passion and freedom of women coming together to worship our Beloved Jesus."

-Pastor Kim Witcher

"When the fill a sanctuary full of daughters, mothers, single moms, sisters and wives warring against the enemy with one's a power that you have to experience. It can't be explained!"

-Sylvia Rodriguez

"I love the speakers we have and the amazing truth that is spoken! Whether it is Priscilla Shrier, Caroline Leaf, or Pastor Kim, I always walk away with such awesome nuggets of truth."

-Lee Appel

"I love seeing the Holy Spirit powerfully impacting women in the pursuit of God!"

-Vikki Mitchell

"I absolutely love standing amongst hundreds of women, with arms raised, hearts surrendered, singing praises of worship to our King. There is something incredibly amazing when women unite together as one and life our voices to the Savior!"

-Kristen Krissel

"Worshiping with all the women! Such a beautiful sound!"

-Pastor Molly Anderson

"There's nothing like a bunch of women getting together to just "be" all things woman--let our hair down, laugh, party, learn, worship!"

-Pastor Bree Proffitt


-Katie Clark

Tonight is the night! Can't wait to experience all of our favorite things together. Fun kicks off at 6:30. We'll see you at We are One.


My Bible literally falls open to the page containing this life preserver that I have clung to more sleepless nights than I can count. The weapons we fight with…have divine power to demolish strongholds. As women and leaders, we can become desperate for weapons effective in tearing down the strongholds the culture would inflict upon our churches, families, and those we minister to in the outside world: attacks against faith, relationships, even our very peace...

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