Movies with Friends

You've just settled into the perfectly chosen seat. No one directly in front of you or behind you, arm rests down in their locked position...all for maximum comfort probability and personal space guarantee. Large popcorn and large Icee--Because 1) free refills make up for the exorbitant price 2) you didn't eat all day for this very reason and 3) go big or go home. The lights dim. The neon green screen with white lettering appears. It's maybe the whole reason you came--previews. The first one ends and what do you immediately do? Turn to your friend and act as Siskel and Ebert. "Ooo, that one's going to be good," and you're already planning the next movie date, or "No way. Definitely a Netflix-er." I'll tell you one thing, movies are better together.

Starting this week at Trinity, we have At the Movies. Pastor Matt and the TFC team have been working on this for us for months, and it's going to be incredible. More than showing the plots and excitement, each week Pastor Matt will share the Gospel through the lens of a specific film. Last year, hundreds came to know Jesus through the At the Movies experience. We can't wait to see what God does this year!

We can join in, too. Instead of just sharing the popcorn or laughs, you could share the most important moment of your co-worker's life--the moment they surrender to Jesus. Talk about loving like a hero! We can be a part of His story by simply extending an invitation. Bring a friend, your neighbor, your barista. It will be church like they've never seen before and a salvation experience like you've never seen before.

We have made it super easy to invite someone. At the information desks, we have tickets that serve as invitations so grab a hand full next time you're at the church and get to passin'! If you're interested in volunteering to help with set-up, drinks, and popcorn at the Hollywood campus, click the button below.


Until then, grab some microwave popcorn, take a look at this preview, and get excited! We can't wait to see you starting this coming weekend, June 13th and 14th!