Time to Fly

How do you respond when you start to sense a change in your life? Do you get excited and curious or do you become fearful and hope it goes away? I am on the cusp of something new in my life, and although it’s a little scary I’ve decided to pursue it. I’m excited to see what God has planned for me.

Last spring I started praying about becoming more involved as a leader. I’d been on the sidelines for a while, focusing on my young kids and enjoying a season of rest, but I was ready for a new challenge. So, looking for a way to get started, I volunteered to help with the We Are One conference last April. I’m so glad I did, because during worship on the first night God gave me a vision that encouraged me to keep pursuing a change. He showed me a tree with a little yellow chickadee hopping around on a branch. She was trying to decide whether or not she was ready to fly. The chickadee hopped and paced a few more times, then finally leaped off and flew. She twisted and turned and soared!

At first I laughed, because God is always so sweet and gentle with his words to me. He knows that I have to warm up to new ideas and that new things are often daunting to me for a while. The image of a little chickadee with trust issues made me giggle. Then, when I recognized that God would help me fly if I trusted Him and took that first leap, I became excited and eager to do more.

I began praying about leading a lifegroup—something I’ve never done that would stretch me past my comfort zone. Then God showed me Isaiah 54:2-3a: “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes. For you shall expand to the right and to the left.”

I am ready to enlarge my tent. Even though I tend to hop back and forth along my branch before trying new things, I am confident in God’s plan for me and I’m excited to be co-leading a lifegroup this fall with two amazing women. My walk with the Lord has deepened since making the decision and our group hasn’t even started yet! The time I’ve spent praying for our group, preparing with my co-leaders, and meditating on how the Lord will use our group has given me confidence that I didn’t have before.

I encourage you to take your next step, wherever it is leading you. Should you open your Bible for the first time in a while? Should you try a lifegroup and make some new friends? Should you lead one? Don’t become stale and disconnected. We all need seasons of rest, but we can’t stay there forever! We are created to get in the Word and influence our community. Go where God is leading you even when it makes you uncomfortable. You never know who might be looking for your exact gifting to help them through something difficult. God has called you to fulfill a purpose. Don’t hide from it, embrace it.

Lacey was born in Amarillo 33 years ago and grew up attending Trinity. She married her high school sweetheart in 2004 and is proud to be a stay-at-home mom and homeschool teacher to their two girls, Dani (6) and Adelin (3). She enjoys crafts, loves to throw a good party, and loves to travel. She is passionate about helping women with their marriages and families.

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