You are Officially Invited

I was once brave enough to attend a women’s conference on my own. I flew out of Amarillo and landed at Denver International with only a set of emailed instructions. They would be corralling a bunch of perfect strangers and busing us up the Rocky Mountains for our weekend retreat.

True to the nature of the Lord and the way He always sets us up for these things, He had already started working on my heart during the plane ride. “Oh how precious!” you may think. 

Uh. No.

I was a hot mess. My makeup (which I’m already insecure about), was halfway smudged off my face. My eyes were now a lovely moist red, and my cheeks were showing off a magnificent splotchy glow.  Ironically, the conference was called Ransomed Femininity

Clearly, my femininity needed a little help!

I had a couple of hours to calm the flare up down, so I sat at a safe distance observing the gathering gaggle of women. It was hard not to notice the all-American blonde in a perfectly contoured coat, effortlessly gliding across the floor in her red-soled stilettos as the bling on her couture purse blinded me for an instant. It was also hard not to notice the defenses rising up in me as I wiggled my toes in my comfy shoes and awkwardly smoothed my grandpa sweater. 

I became all too aware of the question marks in my heart as I surveyed every woman that crossed my line of sight.

Is she safe? How “spiritually mature” do I look to her? Should I have brought my flat iron? Will she respect my story and my heart? Or will she resent me? Will my sensible clothes be enough? Will I be good enough for that group of women? Or will I be judged for my wounds? Shunned because of my history? And is there something stuck in my teeth?

Despite all these fears and insecurities, I eventually got on that bus and said a brave hello to many new beautiful faces and stories. I embraced the process of that weekend, bared my heart and leaned into this community of His daughters. 

And I came home, powerfully transformed by His love and all that He had prepared for me on that mountain.

Why that story?

As we prepare for the upcoming We Are One conference, I am all too aware of the many women that will find themselves a little nervous and unsure about showing up to our church. I imagine that the story above captures just a small glimpse of many hearts and experiences around greater gatherings of women. However, I am even more profoundly aware of what God has in store for these conference-bound women. He is preparing a feasting table for them. He wants to woo them deep into His love. And He wants to transform their lives forever.

The Invitation

So this invitation goes out to you... Will you be a beautiful someone that will help another potentially self-confessed hot mess like me, come into the door of our church? You could be the one that clears a path so that she will be able to receive all the magnificence that God has wrapped up for her in this conference.

Be the one to help set the stage for welcoming her beauty.

Be the one to show her where she can calm down the flare ups in these huge halls.

Be the one to introduce her to the friend who is safe. And outrageously hilarious.

Be the one to pass her an extra tissue.

Be the one to fawn over her comfy shoes.

Be the one to pray with her as she pours out her heart at the altar.

Be the one to love her magnificently when she confesses her darkest secret.

Sign Up already!!

Will you join us? Will you be a Dream Girl who serves at the We Are One conference? We need you to be the one.

Please don't waste another moment, and sign up here today! Let's get off the bench together and reach out to our community in a way that can make a big difference.

Sisters with a Voice

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